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Original Horror Series App Launches on iPad, iPhone, iPod

16 May, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Hooked Digital Media, a Los Angeles-based production company, May 16 launched an app featuring original horror serial, Haunting Melissa, the first content of its kind bowing exclusively on the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Haunting Melissa — the first directorial effort from Neil Edelstein, producer of The Ring, The Ring 2 and Mulholland Drive, is a story (written by  Andrew Klavan) about a teenage girl Melissa (played by Kassia Warshawski) who believes her recently deceased mother is haunting her. The series has a reported budget of $1 million.

The app and premiere episode are free at the iTunes store, with subsequent chapters costing 99 cent each ($1.99 in HD). The entire series costs $6.99 and $14.99 in HD.

The app features an easy-to-use guide that includes a color-coded path to identify what has been viewed and what awaits. Haunting Melissa is also social — viewers can sign in through Facebook and other platforms, and alert friends they are watching the serial, share theories and make predictions of what comes next, according to Edelstein, who is also president of Hooked Media. The app updates with new content revealing key storyline elements, among other features.

“The technology contained in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has allowed us to present stories in a dramatically different way,” Edelstein said in a statement. “The technology supports story first and foremost. As viewers move further into Melissa's world, they will understand why this new app technology will change distribution forever.”


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