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'Walking' the Line

28 Aug, 2013 By: John Latchem

Steven Yeun on "The Walking Dead"

Is there room for happiness at the end of the world?

That’s just one of many questions posed by AMC’s megahit “The Walking Dead,” the show that follows a small group of people trying to survive an apocalyptic world overrun by the zombie-like walkers.

“That is the big question: Do you keep going or do you give up?” said Steven Yeun, who has starred on the series since it began in 2010. “Is there a world worth living for or is there not?”

The third season finds the group of survivors led by Rick (Andrew Lincoln) taking refuge in an abandoned prison, only to run afoul of the residents of Woodbury, a sanctuary town run by the maniacal Governor (David Morrissey).

“I think the walkers at this point are something these people have an idea how to combat; there’s a strategy,” Yeun said. “But I think overall this tale really revolves around the fact that other people are just as big or a bigger threat considering the world has less resources and it’s a free for all.”

Yeun’s character, Glenn, in particular experienced a tumultuous turn of events during the season, from falling in love, to getting captured and tortured by the Governor, to assuming leadership of the group when Rick falters.

“Last season was a lot of fun,” Yeun said. “The whole arc was really fun, to play an evolving character, to put him through the wringer and then come out the other side, a little bit of overstepping his boundaries but then bringing it back.”

Yeun said he’s excited to continue Glenn’s story in season four, and hopefully beyond.

“It’s a blast to play Glenn,” Yeun said. “To have a character who starts from where he started and ends up at least in this last season where he’s ended up, it’s been quite a lot of fun to have this evolution. To know that the character is going to continue to grow because he’s still a young man, it’s a pretty awesome prospect.”

With the popularity of the show continuing to grow, its ever-expanding cadre of fans will be clamoring to catch up before the fourth season premieres Oct. 13.

Yeun’s advice? Get the Blu-ray.

“All that extra stuff on the Blu-ray is pretty nice,” Yeun said. “There’s actually a lot of deleted scenes I wish could have made it onto the show. There’s actually one in particular with Carol and Merle, and Melissa [McBride] and Michael Rooker did such a fantastic job, so everybody should see that.”

Anchor Bay Entertainment released the third season of the series Aug. 27 on DVD ($69.98) and Blu-ray ($79.99), as well as a limited-edition gift set ($149.99) with packaging designed to emulate the fish tanks in which the governor was displaying walker heads.

“It’s pretty amazing; you can switch the lights on and off with those floating heads,” Yeun said, adding that he likes the third-season boxed set even more than the second season that housed the discs in a re-creation of a walker getting stabbed in the eye by a screwdriver.

“I hope they go back retroactively and make season one something special as well. That would be kind of cool,” Yeun said.

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