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Scorpion (DVD Review)

14 Sep, 2008 By: Matt Miller

Street 9/16/08
Anchor Bay/Lightning
$26.97 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Clovis Cornillac, Jerome Le Banner, Francis Renaud, Karole Rocher.

Raised on the streets and driven by revenge, Angelo (Cornillac), aka the Scorpion, has spent his entire life training to be a world-champion Thai boxer. But before he gets his big break, he accidentally kills a rival defending himself in a street fight gone awry that gets him six years in prison.

Upon his release, Angelo is a grizzly drunk who has lost his passion for fighting. That’s until a cunning club owner named Marcus (Renaud), who is involved in the underground world of extreme fighting, begins throwing money and women at Angelo until he brings the Scorpion out of retirement.

Angelo doesn’t waste a lot of time getting back into shape, chalking up victories and making a name for himself as he devours the competition. But Marcus has big plans for the Scorpion and schedules a bout between him and Elias (Le Banner), an undefeated powerhouse, which will either make or break his fighting career. Unfortunately, Angelo begins to lose his edge as he becomes preoccupied trying to win over Virginie (Rocher), a waitress who is being paid to keep him company.

Complicating things even more is an undercover cop posing as a reporter investigating underground fighting who is trying to bring down Marcus and his boss but begins to fall for Angelo. As he continues to prepare for the biggest match of his life, Angelo must regain control of his life and put aside all of his personal problems if he wants to defeat Elias.

The English-dubbed Scorpion is a dark, fast-paced ride into the underground world of mixed martial arts. It’s filled with brutal fight sequences and an impassioned love story that keeps the film from being just your average actioner. The heart of the film is its well-known French cast, including award-winning Cornillac (A Very Long Engagement) and kickboxing/MMA champion Le Banner, who has a role in the recently released Babylon A.D.
Scorpion isn’t for the faint of heart due to its graphic violence, but with ultimate fighting’s international popularity, the film won’t have any trouble finding hardcore fans.

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