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Frozen (Blu-ray Review)

18 Sep, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

Street 9/28/10
Anchor Bay
Box Office $0.2 million
$29.97 DVD, $34.99 Blu-ray
Rated ‘R’ for some disturbing images and language.
Stars Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell.

Trying to get in one last ski (and snowboard) run down the mountain, three teens at a New England mountain resort convince a lift operator to let them take the last chair up. After a series of “hey, you’re needed in the office” and “wait for three last skiers off the course” errors, the lift is shut down, all the resort employees head home for five days, and the teens are left suspended halfway up the mountain.

First thinking it must be a breakdown — it’s happened before — it takes the lights going off and the start of a storm for reality to set in: They’re on their own, and they’re going to either freeze to death or figure out how to get down on their own.

What follows could be an after-school special: What NOT to do when suspended above a snowy mountain. Don’t shed valuable clothing, don’t be afraid to share bodily warmth, do not, repeat DO NOT, drop your snowboard before attempting a 50-foot jump. Remember screaming at victims in horror movies to not go upstairs, not go down that dark corridor, nor even try to be a hero? You’ll be doing that while watching Frozen, only the stupidity of the victims unfolds in a much colder setting.

Writer-director Adam Green is fantastic at gross-outs, and there are several “crap, this is hard to watch” moments in Frozen, from wolfpack attacks to the adverse effects of skin on metal in below-zero weather.

The three actors — Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore and Emma Bell — have great banter and are convincing in their confusion and indecision about what to do. But their stupidity is hard to ignore. And there’s definitely a suspension of disbelief factor to enjoying this movie (no missing person’s reports? Are safety protocols at this resort REALLY that awful?).

The bonus features are excellent, with several lengthy making-of featurettes, covering how the film was shot, the characters, the trials of filming halfway up a snowy mountain and the origins of the film. A theatrical trailer, three deleted scenes and a commentary also are included.

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