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Frain: 'White Queen' All About the Women

7 Feb, 2014 By: Chris Tribbey

James Frain on 'The White Queen'

Actor James Frain may be one of the stars in the Starz and Anchor Bay Entertainment series “The White Queen,” but he’s enjoyed watching the show as much as everyone else.

“You’re seeing it from the point of view of the women,” the 45-year-old actor said. “That’s what’s attractive to me about it. It’s not all about the battles; it’s about how to hold on to power and what the role of women is. It’s writing another history, going back in time and digging it up.”

A re-telling of the epic War of the Roses family feud between the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England, the series follows Elizabeth Woodville (the widowed former queen of England), Margaret Beaufort (heiress of the House of Lancaster) and Anne Neville (wife of Richard III), as they scheme and seduce their way into power.

Based on a series of novels from Philippa Gregory, the series also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Max Irons, Janet McTeer, Amanda Hale and Faye Marsay. Anchor Bay released the first season on DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 4.

Frain said that in England everyone is raised with the War of the Roses story based on what Shakespeare wrote, so hearing a unique retelling through the eyes of the women is refreshing.

“Shakespeare was basically writing Tudor propaganda, or otherwise they would have cut his head off,” Frain laughed.

He said he especially connected with Irons on the set of the show.

“We built a surrogate father-son relationship, and his character has a really interesting journey,” Frain said. “His interpretation of the role was really powerful and interesting.”

The three-disc Blu-ray set includes a making-of featurette, a series overview, and featurettes about the book, the history and wardrobe.

“As a consumer when I get DVDs I want all the extras, I want to know about film, and when [the filmmakers] have spent the time giving you access, I really want to know about it,” said Frain, who added that he was glad to see the series get a Digital HD and UltraViolet release as well.

“It’s something that’s been resisted, for obvious reasons, but it’s inevitable, and the technology is improving — and Netflix has proved that people want, at their fingertips, the whole series, when it’s suitable for them, whether they do it in a weekend or spread it out.”

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