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Anchor Bay Announces Horror, Thriller Acquisitions

26 May, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

From fitness to horror, Anchor Bay has a slew of new acquisition announcements this month.

“We are well along on our new strategy of transforming Anchor Bay into an independent destination,” said Bill Clark, president of Anchor Bay, adding that in the past 18 months, Anchor Bay has acquired or co-produced 40 titles. “We really believe we’re the best opportunity for independent films across all distribution channels.”

Adds Kevin Kasha, SVP of acquisitions: “Anchor Bay is really moving into a space that has been abandoned by the studios. We’re getting in on the ground floor for films like Altitude.”

The supernatural thriller has a first-time pilot (Jessica Lowndes of “90210”) and her four friends in a mysterious storm that seems to have a life of its own. No release date has been scheduled.

“When we decide on an acquisition, across the board we need to be passionate about it,” Clark said. “Everybody’s enthusiastic, everybody’s focused.”

Next up is The Irishman, a true-life crime story about mobster Danny Greene, starring Ray Stevenson (The Book of Eli), Christopher Walken (Catch Me If You Can) and Val Kilmer (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). Anchor Bay is looking at an early 2011 release for this title.

“Before we green-light it we’ve already planned how to market, promote and sell it,” Kasha said.

And Soon the Darkness, a remake of the 1970’s British thriller of the same name, stars Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) and Odette Yustman (Cloverfield) as two Americans biking through Argentina. One disappears, leaving the other searching for her before it’s too late. This one’s slated for a theatrical release this fall.

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