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Voting Opens for the 2013 Reaper Awards
Paramount Endeavours for Big 'Star Trek' Release
'Walking' the Line
Sony Slates 'Breaking Bad' Complete Collection For Nov. 26
'Man of Steel' Soars Beyond Cast's Expectations
Paramount Touts Wide Release of 'Rich Mahogany' Blu-ray of 'Anchorman'
‘Argo’ Extended Edition Due Out Dec. 3
'The Fugitive' Cast Marks Film's 20th Anniversary
Starz Bows Video Game With ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Home Entertainment Release
Xbox One Set for Nov. 22 Release
Dodger Fans Enjoy ‘Sandlot’ Screening
Cinedigm to Bow Animated ‘Inspector Gadget’ Boxed Sets
Star Trek Into Darkness (3D Blu-ray Review)
Great Gatsby, The (3D Blu-ray Review)
Now You See Me (Blu-ray Review)
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (Blu-ray Review)
Captains Close Up, The (DVD Review)
Pain & Gain (Blu-ray Review)
Emperor (Blu-ray Review)
Shane (Blu-ray Review)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (Blu-ray Review)
 Blogs and Photos
Promoting 'Into Darkness'
Fun at the D23 Expo
Fox Screens 'The Sandlot' at Dodger Stadium
Warner Remembers 'The Fugitive' 20 Years Later
Bodybuilders Flex Muscles for 'Pain & Gain' Home Video Release
Netflix Loves Latinos

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