JULY 2017

Welcome to Home Media Insider's annual special edition timed for San Diego Comic-Con International (formerly Agent DVD). We've got a special preview of the show, plus news and reviews about some of your favorite movies and TV shows.

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A Leaner, Meaner Comic-Con
Hammer Time
When fans get their hands on Paramount’s DVD and Blu-ray versions of 'Thor' starting Sept. 13, they’ll have plenty of extras with which to play.
'Green' Movement
Ryan Reynolds and the filmmakers behind 'Green Lantern' discuss what they expect to be on the Blu-ray and DVD of the DC Comics film.
'Code' Breaker
Jake Gyllenhaal discusses what 'Source Code' means to him.
'S' Is for 'Smallville'
When “Smallville” ended its 10-year run in May, young Clark Kent finally came of age and adopted the mantle of Superman. When the complete run of the series makes it to DVD, fans should be able to see more of that journey.
Chicken Wars, Take 3
'Robot Chicken' co-creator Matthew Senreich goes behind the scenes for the show's latest 'Star Wars' spoof.
'Paul' Bearer
The comedy 'Paul,' about an alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) who escapes a military compound with the help of two nerds (played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), comes to DVD and Blu-ray Disc Aug. 9. Director Greg Mottola ('Superbad') took the time to chat with 'Home Media Insider' about the film.
Still Hung Over
Director Todd Phillips says there may not be anything raunchy left to include in a director's cut.
Wheel Man
‘Fast Five’ Stunt Coordinator Jack Gill Breaks Down the Film’s Most Dangerous Scene.
‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray Extras Previewed on App
Before the 'Star Wars' saga hits Blu-ray Sept. 16, fans can get a sneak peek at the more than 40 hours of extras from the collection through the Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access App.
‘X-Men: First Class’ Arrives on Disc Sept. 9
The prequel 'X-Men: First Class' is coming to DVD and Blu-ray Friday, Sept. 9 (order date Aug. 10), from 20th Century Fox.
Disney Goes with Blu-ray Combo First for ‘Pirates’
In a first for a major box office blockbuster, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has chosen to delay a DVD-only release when it streets 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' on Oct. 18.
The ‘Super 8’ Recipe for Success
'Super 8,' from writer-director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg, is a terrific blend of coming-of-age story and alien-invasion action flick. We took a look at some other similarly themed films to see how 'Super 8' became a successful homage.
Shout! Factory Lands Kevin Smith, ‘Jem,’ ‘Barney Miller’
Shout! Factory’s latest content acquisition deals involve a Kevin Smith comedy special, the 1980s animated series “Jem and the Holograms” and "Barney Miller."
Anchor Bay Previews ‘Spartacus’ 3D Extra at Comic-Con
Anchor Bay Entertainment will preview a 3D bonus feature available on the Sept. 13 Blu-ray release of 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' at San Diego Comic-Con International.
‘He-Man’ Turning 30
Classic Media and Mill Creek Entertainment are preparing special DVD sets to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Masters of the Universe” in 2012 as part of a larger campaign to celebrate the brand, which is based on a Mattel toy line.
Warner Plans 40th Anniversary ‘Wonka’ Re-release With Golden Ticket Contest
Warner Home Video is re-releasing 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory' as an eleborate special edition Oct. 4 (order date Aug. 30) for the fantasy film’s 40th anniversary.
Netflix Raises Price for Getting Streaming and Discs
Netflix July 12 announced it would separate subscriber plans into DVD-only and streaming-only offerings, essentially raising the base price for getting both from $9.99 to $15.98.
Blockbuster Deal Targets Netflix Customers
Blockbuster LLC has unveiled a limited-time offer for Netflix customers to switch to Blockbuster Total Access, in an attempt to counter frustrations with Netflix’s recent announcement of a price hike.
Amazon Goes to Voters Over California Sales Tax
Amazon is hoping California voters will overturn a state law requiring sales tax collections for online purchases, one that caused the retailer to sever ties with approximately 10,000 state affiliates.
Doctor Who: Season Six, Part One (Blu-ray Review)
Source Code (Blu-ray Review)
Limitless (Blu-ray Review)
Damnation Alley (Blu-ray Review)
POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Blu-ray Review)
House of the Rising Sun (DVD Review)
Peep World (Blu-ray Review)
Best of The Dean Martin Variety Show: Collector’s Edition, The (DVD Review)

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