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DVD Critics Awards Offers Special Consumer-Voting Categories
Consumers can vote on special categories as part of the DVD Critics Awards.
‘Up’ Floating to DVD and Blu-ray Disc Nov. 10
Studios Prepare New Slate of TV DVD Megasets for Fall
BBC Celebrates ‘Blackadder,’ ‘Fawlty Towers’
‘Patty Duke, ‘Mister Ed’ Next on Shout! Slate
Gone With the Wind’ to Debut on Blu-ray Nov. 17
‘Wonder’ Marks First Indican Blu-ray Release
Dollhouse: Season One (Blu-ray Review)
The best evidence that "Dollhouse" found its groove is “Epitaph One,” the “lost” 13th episode that was produced on the cheap to round out the first season on disc. Since all indications were the show would be canceled, “Epitaph One” would have been a fitting season finale, especially since it throws the premise of the series through a blender.
Watchmen (Blu-ray Review)
Translated to film, 'Watchmen' becomes a long morality tale in which its characters serve their purpose without really engaging the audience.
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor (DVD Review)
It’s a typical “Doctor Who” plot, perfectly balancing high-energy and cheesiness, with all the sensibilities of a 1950s sci-fi throwback and a dash of steampunk tossed in for good measure. (Prebook 8/11/09; Street Date 9/15/09)
Race to Witch Mountain (DVD Review)
Race to Witch Mountain is a sometimes eerie, sometimes funny, sci-fi family adventure. It’s a tasty snack of a summer movie — entertaining and flavorful but not too heavy. (Street Date 8/4/09)
Fast & Furious (Blu-ray Review)
On Blu-ray, 'Fast & Furious' doesn’t disappoint with a testosterone-fueled, high-octane visual thrill ride featuring lots of exotic cars, non-stop action and central casting’s entire line-up of hot skinny Latina babes.
Terry Fator: Live From Las Vegas (DVD Review)
For those who have seen his show in person, the DVD is a hilarious reminder of the experience. And for those who have not yet had the pleasure, it is a taste of just how much fun the experience will be. (Prebook 8/4/09; Street Date 9/1/09)
Veritas: Prince of Truth (DVD Review)
Preteen boys will love this movie for its burping jokes, comic book stills, punk rock music, pretty girls and skateboarding. And they won’t notice if the actors aren’t as believable as they could be. Parents will love it because Kern always wears his helmet and because of the message. (Street Date 8/11/09)
‘Lost’ Tidbits on the Horizon
Disney’s 'Lost: The Complete Fifth Season' Blu-ray set (due Dec. 8) will offer “Lost University” via BD Live.
Blu-rays From Outer Space and Beyond
It looks like this fall is going to offer a decent selection of sci-fi and fantasy on Blu-ray Disc, including a re-release of the 1994 'Stargate' movie that kicked off the franchise.
Galactica: Take 3
Here's hoping Bryan Singer does better with his "Battlestar Galactica" remake than the last time he tried to re-imagine a franchise.
Start Your Engines
In the spirit of 'Fast & Furious' (or, more appropriately, the “Robot Chicken” '3 Fast 3 Furious' sketch), we’ve picked some of the most iconic cars in Hollywood history for a little race — and you get to determine the winner.
Heroes vs. Villains
They represent what we wish most to be, and what we most fear. Heroes and villains have memorably shaped our favorite movies and TV shows over the years. Agent DVD’s editors sought to determine who among the pop-culture landscape of good and evil could be considered the most iconic of them all.

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