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, Managing Editor

A graduate of UCLA, John Latchem worked as a newspaper editor and did freelance work for such publications as The Hollywood Reporter before joining Home Media Magazine in 2005. He serves as editor of the reviews and TV DVD sections, as well as the annual Agent DVD consumer issue that coincides with San Diego Comic-Con International.

June 22, 2010
‘Hung’ Up on ‘Entourage’

A few retailers June 22 found the HBO Home Entertainment twin bill of Hung: The Complete First Season and Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season an alluring chance for a striking promotion.

Best Buy offered the titles in a big bright display case and gave away $5 gift cards when copies of both shows were purchased together.

Best Buy also had a big display touting TV DVD in general, emblazoned with the slogan “TV That’s Always in Season.”

Among the modest theatrical titles hitting DVD and Blu-ray Disc, Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s Green Zone generated the most buzz. Best Buy offered a CinemaNow download of the film for $15.95.

Walmart offered an exclusive special-edition DVD of Green Zone that gave consumers 10 MP3 downloads.

Green Zone was stickered with a promotion to save $5 when purchased in conjunction with The Wolfman, Inglourious Basterds or Public Enemies.

By: John Latchem

June 15, 2010
Some ‘Family Guy’ Deals

With some big theatricals hitting shelves June 15, retailers nonetheless turned their attention to a couple of television stalwarts: “Family Guy” and “American Dad.”

At Target, fans of the Seth MacFarlane animated comedies could get a $10 gift card with purchase of both Family Guy Vol. 8 (at $32.99) and American Dad Vol. 5 (at $29.99).

Target also had an exclusive 50-minute Q&A with MacFarlane included with the “Family Guy” DVD.

Best Buy gave an instant $10 discount with purchase of both titles (offered individually at the same price as Target), with digital copies of four episodes included in each set.

Best Buy is now touting its CinemaNow download service in its weekly ad circular. The Book of Eli, When in Rome and Youth in Revolt all were marked with the option to download to own for $15.95 each.

Walmart began gearing up for the theatrical release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse by moving DVDs of the first two movies back to the new-release section and offering them at $17 apiece. The deluxe edition of New Moon was offered at $24.96.

By: John Latchem

June 08, 2010
Bringing on the Deals

Best Buy's 3D Bundle

In a week with only a few new releases and no major exclusives tied to them, retailers offered a slew of deals on catalog product and hardware to attract customers.

Best Buy used a page in its weekly circular to tout a 3D home theater system at $2,919.94 for a 46-inch TV or $3,549.94 for a 55-inch TV package. The bundle includes a Samsung 3DTV and 3D-capable Blu-ray player, an HDMI cable, four pairs of 3D glasses, a copy of the Monsters vs. Aliens 3D Blu-ray and set-up by the Geek Squad.

Best Buy shoppers also can get $50 worth of free Blu-ray movies with purchase of a $399.99 Panasonic 5.1-channel BD home theater system, or $30 worth of movies with a $179.99 Panasonic BD player.

A Walmart in Long Beach, Calif., recently upgraded its electronics department to a more upscale footprint, though it is still working out the kinks of getting product onto shelves on time. The store still has plenty of Avatar displays and now offers a Father’s Day display of DVDs at $9 and under. The store also has a selection of Fox titles at $15 and under that contain $7.50 movie cash toward theatrical releases The A-Team, Knight and Day or Predators.

By: John Latchem

June 01, 2010
A Wolfman Wonderland

Best Buy's Alice and Wolfman exclusive sets

Sometimes studios seem to antagonize fans of a particular movie just to appease certain retailers. Case in point: the remake of The Wolfman, which contains a trove of extras on the Blu-ray but only a few deleted scenes on DVD.

At first glance this strategy seems geared toward pointing fans to buying the Blu-ray. But it also lets the studio throw some of that Blu-ray content toward a DVD exclusive. In this case Best Buy has a special two-DVD set of The Wolfman with the extra behind-the-scenes footage.

Walmart also has a Wolfman special edition, but the value-add is just 10 MP3 downloads — not exactly germane to the subject matter.

The biggest title released on disc June 1, though, was Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Target offered a $5 gift card with purchase of an Alice disc and an Alice video game or CD. Again, Best Buy had the more elaborate exclusive: a combo pack with exclusive packaging and character cards.

Best Buy also held special midnight madness sales for Alice, giving away free posters and $5 off the exclusive combo-pack edition.

By: John Latchem

May 27, 2010
'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 2 on Disc Oct. 26

It looks like “Star Wars” just won't go away. Even 33 years after the debut of George Lucas' blockbuster space epic, the franchise continues to grow. The Empire Strikes Back recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, “Star Wars” merchandise is still a top seller, and Cartoon Network's CG-animated “Clone Wars” series continues to perform well in the ratings.

Warner Home Video will release the second season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Oct. 26 (order date Sept. 14) as a four-disc set on DVD ($44.98) and Blu-ray Disc ($59.99). The discs will include all 22 episodes from the recently concluded season, plus audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes and a 64-page production journal. Exclusive to the Blu-ray edition will be “The Jedi Temple Archives,” an extensive database of special effects footage, concept art, 3D renderings and more.

The show takes place in the time frame between Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, with the action-packed second season dubbed “Rise of the Bounty Hunters.” One of the highlights was the return of Boba Fett, the badass bounty hunter from the original trilogy, who is still learning the ropes here, as he is still a child seeking revenge for his father's death in Episode II. Longtime franchise fans should appreciate many of the subtle nods to the expanded universe established in novels and comic books.

By: John Latchem

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