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When Marvel Meets the Mouse

1 Sep, 2009 By: John Latchem

Disney Spidey

So, what can we expect from Disney’s buyout of Marvel Entertainment? Probably nothing too earth-shattering. The deal should help Disney target the young male demographic, but Marvel’s prior agreements with other studios aren’t going to net Disney many film rights to the characters for a few years.

Still, the merger is fertile soil for imaginative ideas:

• Pixar presents The Incredibles vs. The Fantastic Four — After all, The Incredibles are basically a thinly veiled copy of Marvel’s super foursome.

• Darkwing Duck joins the Avengers

• Scrooge McDuck attempts a hostile takeover of Stark Industries, gives the Iron Man suit to Launchpad McQuack. Hilarity ensues.

• Galactus devours It's a Small World — hundreds of randy teens take their make-out sessions to Pirates of the Caribbean instead.

• Doctor Doom takes over Sleeping Beauty’s castle, adds missiles.

• Namor the Sub-Mariner proposes marriage to The Little Mermaid, learns she has a thing for Aquaman.

• Captain America hosts a new DVD of Disney's World War II propaganda films — just because it’s the patriotic duty of all steroid-enabled American superheroes (I’m sorry. Cap isn’t on steroids. It’s “super soldier serum.” My bad.).

• Remy LeBeau (Gambit from the X-Men) opens a Poker House in New Orleans Square

• Spider-Man starts dancing down Main Street during the parade

• ESPN Friday Night Boxing: Donald Duck vs. Howard the Duck — Why not aim high?


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