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The Upside-Down ‘Hobo’

5 Jul, 2011 By: John Latchem

If you could find Magnolia Home Entertainment’s new Hobo With a Shotgun on store shelves, you might have found some of the pricing options a bit confusing.

Best Buy, similarly to Amazon.com, offered the single-disc DVD of Hobo at a higher price than the two-DVD special edition or Blu-ray versions (and in Best Buy’s case, the single-DVD version was only online). Barnes & Noble’s online store also had the Hobo Blu-ray at a lower price than either of the DVD versions.

Due to the weak slate of new releases July 5, most stores didn’t bother stocking a lot of the new titles. Aside from the limited availability of Hobo, the only new title found on shelves at more than a couple outlets was Universal’s Eureka: Season 4.0, although it was missing from both Target’s in-store and online inventory.

Faring a bit worse was direct-to-video sequel BloodRayne: The Third Reich, which was stocked by no major retailers. Fans looking for a copy had to look online, and even there, most retailer online stores didn’t carry the Blu-ray version.

Among the sales for the week, Target and Best Buy both offered Disney combo packs at $19.99 each.


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