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Target Brings Out Exclusives

22 Feb, 2011 By: John Latchem

Best Buy's All-Star Superman with figurine

Retailer exclusives were in abundance Feb. 22 as several big titles made their way to store shelves.

Most of the exclusives can be found at Target, which kicked off the week by offering an exclusive Dora the Explorer: Ballet Adventures DVD at $12.99.

Target’s copy of the Weeds: Season 6 DVD includes a CD soundtrack with music from the show. And the chain is offering Blu-ray Discs of the new All-Star Superman animated movie with bonus episodes from “Superman: The Animated Series.”

Target also has a catalog title promotion called “Priced Right for Movie Night,” offering select DVDs at $4.75 each and Blu-rays at $10.

Best Buy has its own All-Star Superman exclusive, packing a special Superman figurine with the Blu-ray.

The retailer also continued its promotion offering recent hits on DVD at $8.99 or $11.99, and Blu-ray versions at $13.99 or $16.99.

Walmart has a special section themed for Black History Month, with an array of titles at $7.50 with packaging touting them as an “Essence Readers Pick.”

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