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Swinging Back to TV DVD

16 Aug, 2011 By: John Latchem

As fall approaches, TV DVD deals are becoming more prominent at retail with the release of new boxed sets to coincide with the new TV season.

Heralding the renewal of this trend is Paramount’s release of Dexter: The Fifth Season on DVD and Blu-ray, which beat out a few new theatricals to be the most promoted of the new home videos Aug. 16.

Target offered an exclusive limited-edition postcard with the new “Dexter” DVD set, while Best Buy made “Dexter” the centerpiece of a TV DVD promotion that rewarded customers with a $10 gift card if they buy $50 worth of TV shows on DVD or Blu-ray. The promotion included previous seasons of “Dexter” at $14.99 apiece.

Target’s TV DVD sale included Arrested Development: Season Three, Archer: Season One, The Golden Girls: Season Six and Scrubs: Season Eight at $9.99 each, and One Tree Hill: Season Seven at $14.99.

The Walmart-exclusive Marley & Me: The Puppy Years hit at $13 on DVD and $15 on Blu-ray. Also available is a $15 DVD boxed set of Puppy Years with the first movie. Walmart also has a Jumping the Broom DVD set with a music CD at $24.96.

Best Buy helped promoted the new Blu-ray of The Big Lebowski by giving a free "Abide" T-shirt with purchase of any two new Universal Blu-rays, including Lebowski ($16.99), Paul, Your Highness (both $24.99), Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Animal House or Dazed and Confused ($19.99 each).

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