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Sorting Out the Stores

31 Aug, 2010 By: John Latchem

Target trotted out plenty of exclusive goodies for DVDs released Aug. 31. Most significant was the exclusive availablity at Target of the DVD ($16.99) and Blu-ray ($22.99) for Universal’s documentary Babies (available elsewhere Sept. 28).

For the new Tyler Perry comedy Why Did I Get Married Too?, Target offered an exclusive deluxe DVD version. Also, copies of the sixth season of “House” came with an exclusive 45-minute Q&A.

Not to be outdone, Best Buy offered a bonus disc of its own with the new “House” DVD and Blu-ray sets, as well as a $5 CinemaNow gift card with the purchase of Sons of Anarchy: Season Two on Blu-ray.

Best Buy also offered exclusive Blu-ray versions of such movies as Anchorman, The Score and The Blair Witch Project.

Walmart, still hesitant to stock most TV Blu-rays in its stores, limited its exclusive offerings to including a digital copy with Nickelodeon’s new iCarly Space Out DVD.

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