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The Salvation of a ‘Terminator’ Flick

10 Sep, 2009 By: John Latchem

So, Warner Home Video is releasing an ‘R’-rated director’s cut of Terminator: Salvation on Blu-ray Dec. 1. The ‘PG-13’ version released in theaters didn’t exactly get the warmest of reception from fans, but maybe on disc the fourth installment of the franchise will find its second wind.

I thought the film did a decent job of depicting the post-apocalyptic world of the Skynet war, only hinted at in the previous films. And the film isn’t lacking for action, even if the story takes a beating for it.

It’s too early to guess what’s in the extended cut, but the MPAA blurb cites “some violence and brief nudity” as reasons for the ‘R’ rating. This probably means actress Moon Bloodgood’s much ballyhooed nude scene has been reinserted into the movie.

I’d also be curious to see what remains of the rumored original intended (and ill-conceived) ending, in which John Connor is killed and replaced by a Terminator altered to resemble him. While that would qualify as reinventing the franchise, I don’t think audiences would have accepted that much of a change to the storyline. As it was, the ending we got was pretty weak, but serviceable.

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