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Retailers Slow on 3D Discs

By :John Latchem | Posted: 25 Jan 2011

While 3D might dominate discussion about the future of packaged media, the Blu-ray offshoot has yet to find much traction at retail.

Though it is still early in the format’s lifespan and only a handful of titles have been released, the 3D versions of titles are not being offered on shelves at places such as Target and Walmart. For now, electronics specialists such as Best Buy seem to be the place to go for 3D product.

Target, however, is continuing its aggressive loss-leader Blu-ray pricing on new releases. Jan. 25 saw a Blu-ray version of Red offered at a low $13, same as the DVD version.

Best Buy, however, cornered the market on exclusives for Red, offering a comic book with the Blu-ray/DVD special edition version, as well as a free movie ticket to see Drive Angry.

The only other exclusive of note came via Walmart’s offering of elastic character bands with the DVD of Sony Pictures’ direct-to-video sequel Open Season 3, which was offered at $19.96, the same price Walmart offered the Blu-ray.

Best Buy, on the other hand, didn’t include Open Season 3 in its weekly ad circular.


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