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Retailers Offer ‘Oz’ Exclusives

By :John Latchem | Posted: 07 Oct 2009

The rise of Warner Home Video’s The Wizard of Oz re-release to the No. 2 sales spot the week ended Oct. 4 was no doubt aided by a number of special configurations exclusive to the major retail chains.

Warner released the film Sept. 29 as a four-disc Blu-ray Ultimate Collector’s Edition in a box containing a watch, production booklet, replica artwork and the documentary MGM: When the Lion Roars at $84.99. A five-disc DVD version was offered at $69.92. Extras for both the DVD and Blu-ray UCE included commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, a new documentary on director Victor Fleming, sing-alongs, the TV movie The Dreamer of Oz and a digital copy.

A two-DVD set of the film contained the movie, commentary, sing-alongs and some behind-the-scenes material for $24.99.

Target offered a special three-disc Blu-ray set of the film at $39.99 (discounted to $34.99 its first week), containing the MGM special, but without the digital copy or the bigger UCE box, booklet, watch or other collectibles. Target had the non-UCE DVD version at $19.99.

Wal-Mart offered a single-disc Blu-ray version containing just the first disc of the UCE, consisting of the film and a few extras, for about $20. The DVD version was offered for about $17. Online the UCE was offered at $44.86 for the DVD and $51.86 for the Blu-ray.

Neither Wal-Mart nor Target offered their exclusive configurations online. Customers seeking the slimmer versions on Blu-ray had to visit the stores to get them, though copies of the Wal-Mart version were being offered on the Amazon.com user marketplace.

Best Buy offered the UCE on DVD at $49.99 and on Blu-ray at $54.99, and offered four exclusive lenticular post cards with the Blu-ray version. Best Buy had the two-DVD set for $16.99.


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