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No ‘Sarah Jane’ on TV? Wait for the DVD

26 Aug, 2009 By: John Latchem

While Britain’s rabid “Doctor Who” fanbase may have spilled over a bit into America, that doesn’t always mean network programmers share the enthusiasm.

When Sci Fi Channel (now Syfy) had the rights to broadcast “Doctor Who,” it also showed the first season of the kid-friendly spinoff “The Sarah Jane Adventures,” about one of the Doctor’s former traveling companions.

But another “Doctor Who” spinoff, the more mature “Torchwood,” was shown here on BBC America, so the writing was probably on the wall for the other two series. Sure enough, the recent “Doctor Who” one shot specials aired here on BBC America, and “Sarah Jane Adventures,” which has already completed a second season in Britain and is preparing for a third, has all but vanished from American TV sets.

In the past this would be a cause for a surge of letter writing from the fans, as the means of distribution were limited. But in the DVD era, it’s not a problem. The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Second Season will be released Nov. 10 (prebook Oct. 6) by BBC Video as a three-DVD set for $39.98).

Considering all the direct-to-video tie-ins we are seeing with TV shows these days, it seems this type of release strategy should only become more prevalent.

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