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More Titles Await Online

18 May, 2010 By: John Latchem

May 18 represented a decent week for new releases, with several mid-range but high-profile titles heading to stores. Not every title will be available on shelves, however, with some retailers saving space by shifting smaller titles to their websites.

Wal-Mart is most notorious for this practice, routinely offering many Blu-ray titles and pricier boxed sets online.

May 18 saw the release of the Oscar-nominated but low-earning The Messenger, the Woody Harrelson film about soldiers who inform family members of their loved ones’ deaths. Among major retail chains, only Best Buy offered the Blu-ray combo pack in stores, at $22.99 ($17.99 for the plain DVD). Wal-Mart offered the DVD at $15, with the Blu-ray online only at $19.96.

Target offered no copies of The Messenger in stores, shifting it online with the DVD at $19.49 and the Blu-ray at $22.39.

Target was more interested in pushing re-releases of “Sex and the City” season sets at $13.99 each, touting that they contain a $7.50 movie coupon for Sex and the City 2, in theaters May 27.

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