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Keeping an Eye on CES

By :John Latchem | Posted: 07 Jan 2010

With so many developments at the CES, especially regarding 3D, I thought I'd compile links to all the news coming out of the show. Check it out.

• Blu-ray, Connected Devices in the Spotlight at CES

• TVs, 3D, BD Start off CES

* Day 2 Wrap-up: Netflix Moves to More Players

• Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Unveil 2010 Line-up

• DEG: Home Entertainment Fares Better Than Retailing Overall

• DEG Names Best Buy Top National Retailer

Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz, and Battlestar Galactica Discs Honored

• Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ Slated for 3D on Blu-ray

• Sony Bowing First 3D Movies on Blu-ray

• Dish Network Partners With Slingbox for TV Everywhere

• Sony, Discovery Channel, Imax Launching First 3D TV Network

• Vizio Unveils Suite of Products at CES

• Sonic Offers Digital Content to Toshiba, Lenovo

• LG Adds DivX TV to Blu-ray Players

• Netgear Announces High-Def Digital Entertainer Express

• Mitsubishi Launches 3D BD Adapter

• Netflix Adds Five CE Streaming Partners

• Oppo Blu-ray Players Get Dreamer Blu-TV Service

• Dreamer Technology Upgrades BD Players

• Kiosk Company Unveils New Tech at CES



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