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Exclusives Subject to 'Recall'

18 Dec, 2012 By: John Latchem

Walmart's 'Total Recall' steelbook

The Dec. 18 round of new releases brought plenty of opportunities for savings and exclusive goodies for observant shoppers, with most of the retail focus on Sony Pictures’ Total Recall remake.

Target offered the Blu-ray combo pack of the film with 40 minutes of exclusive bonus content.

Meanwhile, Walmart had a steelbook case of the Total Recall combo pack, which was sold out online. A Santa Ana, Calif., store actually was sold out of all copies of the film.

Target also offered a $5 savings when Fox’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days was purchased with any “Wimpy Kid” book.

Likewise, Target offered a $5 discount with the joint purchase of Universal’s Pitch Perfect with the film’s soundtrack. Target presented the soundtrack with four bonus tracks.

Best Buy had a promotion for HBO shows and miniseries, offering 50% off HBO titles and including a free “True Blood” bonus disc with purchase.

For the Dec. 21 releases, Best Buy offered an exclusive steelbook case with the Resident Evil: Retribution Blu-ray.

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