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DVD Has Spoiled Us

By :John Latchem | Posted: 21 Jan 2010

While not altogether surprised, I often find it amusing to see how much we as a consumer society have taken DVD for granted.

Here’s how Steve Nickerson, Summit’s president of home entertainment, summarized the studio’s reasons for loading its upcoming New Moon discs with special features:

“This is what the fans are looking for,” Nickerson said. “The true fans of the franchise have already seen New Moon in theaters — maybe two or three times. We need to give them more than just the film on DVD.”

Wow. Remember the olden days of VHS, when all we got was the movie we had already seen in theaters. And maybe a few movies came with another tape that had a making-of documentary or something, but that was the exception.

Nowadays, a disc makes news when it DOESN’T have extras. Studios that skimp are accused of being cheap. Not exactly the best image from a PR perspective.

Seems to me the distribution channel that more closely mirrors VHS is online, in that digital copies don’t have the extras either. And that’s what makes DVDs (and now Blu-ray) such a unique value proposition. Heck, some discs have so many extras it’s like a film school in a box, or at least a solid afternoon of entertainment.

Disc sales may have come down a bit recently, but I’d hate to imagine the growth curve if we had to rely on VHS for the past 13 years.


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