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Discs of ‘Tron’ Take Flight

5 Apr, 2011 By: John Latchem

The multiple configurations of Tron: Legacy available April 5 seem to have led to some interesting pricing strategies at a few retailers.

Legacy is available as a single-disc DVD, a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy/3D Blu-ray combo pack. There also is a special five-disc two-movie collection that is essentially the 3D combo pack of Legacy with a Blu-ray Disc of the original film. This two-movie set also is offered in a deluxe edition inside a replica of an identity disc from the franchise. This deluxe set got more ink in the weekly ad circulars, but most stores were sold out within the first few hours.

Target offered a savings of $8 with the purchase of any Tron: Legacy DVD or Blu-ray with the new Blu-ray of the original Tron (offered there at $19.99). A shelf tag for the $64.99 five-disc set also touted the $8 savings, even though that set already includes the original Tron.

Best Buy offered a $5 savings with purchase of any Legacy Blu-ray set and another “Tron” product, such as the original movie Blu-ray, a Flynn’s Arcade T-shirt or the Legacy soundtrack.

A Best Buy in Costa Mesa, Calif., had the 3D combo pack at $24.99 and the original film’s Blu-ray at $19.99, which at a total of $44.98 is a lot cheaper than the $64.99 cost of the two-movie collection set and even includes a DVD of the original movie (which the collection doesn’t have).

Both Target and Best Buy are pushing a special Disney promotion to visit their websites to get a $5 coupon that can be applied to the four- or five-disc Legacy sets.

Walmart limited its Tron promotions to a special version of the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with a pack-on toy of a Legacy light-cycle.

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