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Confusion Is Still the ‘Beast’

By :John Latchem | Posted: 05 Oct 2010

Disney’s decision to configure its Diamond Edition combo packs in different Blu-ray and DVD packaging sowed a bit of confusion when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released last year, and confusion over the strategy doesn’t seem to have let up for the new Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray.

The content for either configuration is exactly the same, consisting of a Blu-ray of the film, a Blu-ray of extras and a DVD of the film. A DVD-only version of the Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition will be released in a little over a month.

Some guests at a Target in Santa Ana, Calif., were pondering over the different versions, unsure of which to buy because they weren’t sure what was in each package, not realizing it’s the same content. Only the outer casing is different. Target even offered a free bonus CD with the title.

Apparently the concept also confused the staff at the Best Buy in Costa Mesa, Calif., where the Blu-ray-style box was encased in a plastic security lock-box, while the DVD-style version was left out as if it were a plain DVD (remember, the actual content is the same). Perhaps this shows that Blu-ray has some perceived value just because of the packaging.

In other partnerships between Disney and Best Buy, consumers can get a steelbook Toy Story 3 case for a $7.50 deposit on a preorder of the Pixar film, which is due Nov. 2. Best Buy also is selling an exclusive two-pack of the new Karate Kid Blu-ray with the Blu-ray of the original film at $35.99.

In another amusing note, Best Buy’s weekly ad circular used the box art from the 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street for the newly released remake.


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