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Charting the Retail Churn

19 Jul, 2011 By: John Latchem

Sometimes a non-Tuesday release date can put a title in a bit of promotional limbo, if Arthur and Rango are any indication.

Interestingly, Best Buy kept Arthur in a prominent spot of its weekly ad circular, while not listing Rango at all. On the flip side, Target continued to promote Rango without listing Arthur.

In both stores, however, the debut discounted price carried over into the second week, with Target continuing to offer its $5 Rango coupon (good through July 23).

Most of the circular space for the stores was devoted to deep-discounted catalog titles, with sections called “Movies on a Budget” (Best Buy), “Build Your Blu-ray Collection” (Target), and TV DVD sales at both stores.

Best Buy broke out a big promotion tied to the upcoming theatrical release of Captain America: The First Avenger, offering $7.50 ticket coupons with the purchase of Iron Man or Iron Man 2 on DVD for $9.99 each or on Blu-ray for $14.99 each.

Best Buy also offers a $20 reward certificate with a Reward Zone credit card, if the shopper is approved for the card by July 30 and makes a purchase by Aug. 31.

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