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A Wolfman Wonderland

1 Jun, 2010 By: John Latchem

Best Buy's Alice and Wolfman exclusive sets

Sometimes studios seem to antagonize fans of a particular movie just to appease certain retailers. Case in point: the remake of The Wolfman, which contains a trove of extras on the Blu-ray but only a few deleted scenes on DVD.

At first glance this strategy seems geared toward pointing fans to buying the Blu-ray. But it also lets the studio throw some of that Blu-ray content toward a DVD exclusive. In this case Best Buy has a special two-DVD set of The Wolfman with the extra behind-the-scenes footage.

Walmart also has a Wolfman special edition, but the value-add is just 10 MP3 downloads — not exactly germane to the subject matter.

The biggest title released on disc June 1, though, was Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Target offered a $5 gift card with purchase of an Alice disc and an Alice video game or CD. Again, Best Buy had the more elaborate exclusive: a combo pack with exclusive packaging and character cards.

Best Buy also held special midnight madness sales for Alice, giving away free posters and $5 off the exclusive combo-pack edition.

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