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‘Avatar’ Brings the Hype to Retailers

20 Apr, 2010 By: John Latchem

While the Thursday, April 22, release of Avatar dominates the week, promotions connected to the movie are kind of muted. Several retailers are preparing midnight madness sales, but most don't offer anything by way of specific exclusives for anyone who doesn't attend those events.

Wal-Mart, which offers Avatar at midnight, offered a 3D sticker to the first 50 buyers at each store.

Other promotions were tied to sales of existing product. Best Buy offered the Avatar soundtrack at $7.99 and Avatar video games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii at $19.99. A total of 250 Best Buy stores will open at midnight, with 10 core major-market stores offering gaming promotions sponsored by Ubisoft. Participants can receive T-shirt giveaways at core stores, with poster giveaways at other midnight madness events. Anyone who buys the movie has a chance to have a tree planted in his or her name. More information is available at BestBuy.com/Avatar.

Target offered a $3 savings off Avatar with the purchase of select Fox titles, such as Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, with qualifying Blu-rays at $14.99 each and DVDs at $7.99.

Also big this week were titles that were retailer exclusives.

Best Buy scored a coup with the exclusive Blu-ray availability of The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, while other retailers could offer only the DVD version.

Wal-Mart had the TV movie Secrets of the Mountain for $12, which included a DVD and the CD soundtrack.

Target has been offering a selection of Bravo reality show DVDs.

Since April 22 also is Earth Day, some retailers also set up displays in that direction. A Wal-Mart in Long Beach, Calif., had a nice endcap display with a selection that included Planet Earth, National Geographic titles and other nature documentaries.

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