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Titan Maximum: Season 1 (DVD Review)

4 Jul, 2010 By: John Latchem

Prebook 7/6/10; Street 8/10/10
Warner/Adult Swim
Animated Sci-Fi Comedy
$19.97 DVD
Not rated.
Voices of Breckin Meyer, Rachael Leigh Cook, Dan Milano, Eden Espinosa, Billy Dee Williams.

As it pokes fun at shows about large robots such as “Voltron” and “Robotech,” this may as well be known as the longest “Robot Chicken” sketch ever. It’s actually a separate but equally funny show from the same creative team, rendered in a similar stop-motion animated style.

Set in the future, the series centers on the Titan Force Five, a group of pilots charged with defending a colony on Saturn’s moon of Titan with five ships that combine into the giant mecha Titan Maximum. According to the show’s backstory, the team was disbanded after a war with Mars.

One of its former members, however, has launched his own plans to conquer the solar system. (Another member died by falling out a window during a party involving cocaine and a hooker.) This forces the government of Titan to reluctantly re-activate the Titan Force with three of the old team and two new members (one of them being a monkey).

Through its nine 11-minute episodes, the season escalates to an explosive climax, as team members tackle such challenges as enemy robots and getting out of the way of their own incompetence.

Just as with the “Robot Chicken” DVDs, the “Titan Maximum” disc is loaded with extras, such as deleted animatics, a pop-up trivia track, zany crew antics and more. Most interesting is probably the making-of featurette, which shows just how much care goes into the animation, from designing the sets to lighting the puppets.

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