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Bringing Their 'A' Game

21 Jul, 2010 By: Fred Topel

The A-Team

Fans of “The A-Team” are getting ready to expand their DVD collections with this summer’s theatrical adaptation of the hit 1980s action-adventure show. The film’s director, Joe Carnahan, plans to pack 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s DVD and Blu-ray Disc version with extras.

“We’ve got some great stuff,” Carnahan says. “We were originally going to end the movie with this gag reel that was going to play in the left part of the screen, and you get a sense of how much fun we had doing the movie. I think ultimately we decided it wasn’t working, and we just ended it the way it ended.”

You’ll see how the actors — Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson — got along between takes. You’ll also see more scenes. Theater-goers got to see two extra scenes after the closing credits, and there are even more surprises waiting for home video.

“There’s actually somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 deleted scenes or just stuff that came out of the movie,” Carnahan says. “It was a great bit with Sharlto, this electroshock thing that you’ll see. There’s a bigger, longer scene.”

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