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Report: 3D Content Will Struggle in U.K.

22 Jun, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

Approximately 11 million 3DTVs will be in U.K. households by 2016 — or one in three homes — but less than half will be used regularly for 3D content, according to a new forecast.

Informa Telecoms and Media estimates 90% of 3DTV owners in the United Kingdom were watching 3D content in 2010, but as 3DTVs become more common, fewer people will use them for 3D, the research firm concluded.

“3DTV has the backing of the major U.K. broadcasters like Sky and Virgin, and most recently the BBC announced its plans to show the Wimbledon final in 3D for the first time,” said Adam Thomas, senior analyst and author of the report from Informa. “However, despite this, public reaction has been mixed, due to both a lack of content and a simple failure of the public to engage with what is, essentially, a new type of viewing experience.”

Major sporting and concert events will be the main content U.K. 3DTV owners watch in 3D, Thomas added.

“We do not share the view that 3D represents the obvious next evolutionary step for TV, in the same way that color followed black and white, or HD is following SD,” Thomas said. “A case can be made that color and HD offer noticeable enhancements to the technologies that preceded them. But 3DTV is less of an enhancement and rather more a new type of viewing experience, one that many people will enjoy, but some way from becoming ubiquitous.”

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