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CE Companies Show Off 3D Glasses

11 Jan, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and XPand 3D are demoing new active-shutter 3D glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show, ones that use Bluetooth and infrared and are meant to be compatible across numerous displays.

The Full HD 3D Glasses initiative offers two types of licenses, one for eyewear and one for hardware. Each license covers three licensed technologies for several product categories.

Meanwhile, Polaroid Eyewear showed off its new polarized passive 3D glasses, which also double as sunglasses.

“We are excited to showcase our latest 3D eyewear line at CES and look forward to showing consumers how attainable a high-quality 3D experience is, whether in the movie theater, at work or in the home,” said Jerry Dreifuss, global marketing director at Polaroid Eyewear. “Polaroid Eyewear’s line features circular technology and fashionable frames, providing both the technology and style 3D fans have come to expect from Polaroid.”

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