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3Net Begins Work on 3DTV Civil War Doc

18 Apr, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

3net, the 3DTV network launched by Sony, Discovery Network and Imax, April 18 said it has begun principal photography on the first-ever 3D war documentary.

Set to air this fall, “The Civil War 3D” will encompass a four-hour miniseries retelling the war’s most pivotal moments both on and off the battlefields from the unique perspective of both sides in the historic conflict.

In addition to sports and music concerts, documentaries and specials are considered strong content material to entice home adoption of 3DTV.

“Shooting in native 3D gives us the unique ability to bring an entirely new level of depth and emotion to this epic time in history with groundbreaking storytelling that simply hasn’t been possible until now,” said 3net CEO Tom Cosgrove.

The series aims to magnify epic battles by resurrecting the accounts of the men on the front lines. The landmark 3D series will give viewers insight into both the Northern and Southern experience. By paralleling personal stories from soldiers in counter regiments, the Union’s Massachusetts 20th and the Confederate’s Virginia 1st, the series intends to depict the agony and determination endured through camp life, training and all-out war.

Detailed letters from Union soldier Henry Livermore Abbott, who would die in the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864, will be juxtaposed with Confederate cadet Charles Loehr, whose eloquent memoirs reveal similar sentiments from the South. Viewers will witness how their differences in beliefs, strategy, artillery and support influenced the conflict’s final outcome.

“The 1st Virginia and 20th Massachusetts regiments participated in nearly every major battle in the Easter Theater, and the men in these units gave us authentic and haunting first-hand insights into America’s darkest days,” said Patrick Brennan, historical consultant and co-writer of The Civil War 3D.

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