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Sonic Bows ‘Total 3D’ Package

28 Apr, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Seeking to mine lucrative theatrical 3D movies’ projected migration into the home entertainment industry, Sonic Solutions April 28 said it developed a suite of consumer and professional products, dubbed “Total 3D.”

3D movies have accounted for more than 30% of the theatrical box office since last winter's release of Avatar from 20th Century Fox.

Novato, Calif.-based Sonic said that in addition to authoring and encoding tools required for 3D productions on Blu-ray Discs, it is enhancing 3D capabilities for its recently rebranded RoxioNow (formerly Roxio CinemaNow) movie download service and Roxio CinePlayer BD.

The latter allows consumers to watch 3D content (with 3D glasses) from online sources, in addition to converting 2D content on standard DVD to 3D.

"We fully anticipate that the tremendous consumer interest in 3D movies at the theater will translate into high demand for 3D home-video titles," said Lee Evans, EVP, Ambient Digital Media, a home entertainment production company.

Finally, a new consumer product, Roxio Video Lab 3D, allows consumers to edit and burn personal 3D content on standard DVDs. The discs can then be played back on any standard DVD or Blu-ray player connected to 3D-enabled HDTVs or PCs and viewed with appropriate 3D glasses.

“With our tools, we can enable the Hollywood studios to publish their content in the 3D format, and the expertise we gain on the professional side allows us to engineer better consumer products with higher performance and broader compatibility," said Mark Ely, EVP, strategy, at Sonic Solutions.

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