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Samsung Third CE Company to Sign With RealD


By : Chris Tribbey | Posted: 04 Jan 2010

Samsung is the third consumer electronics company to sign on with RealD to integrate 3D technology into home 3D displays.

JVC and Sony were the first two to sign on with RealD shortly after the Blu-ray Disc Association announced specifications for 3D on the high-definition format Dec. 17.

“This partnership pairs world leaders in consumer electronics and 3D technology and will assure that people can enjoy all the 3D content being released in crystal clear 3D on RealD-ready Samsung TVs,” said RealD CEO Michael V. Lewis. “Samsung’s support of the RealD format furthers the industry toward unified standards for the distribution and display of high-quality 3D in the home.”
RealD 3D for the home will allow for 3D images to both the left and right eyes. More than 100 million moviegoers have watched a 3D RealD film in theaters worldwide.

Separately, Samsung said it topped its 2009 goal of selling 2 million LCD TVs with light-emitting-diode (LED) backlight technology by 600,000 units. The company projects sales of LED backlight LCD TVs to reach 10 million units this year.

Samsung said it plans to make an aggressive move to push its LED TV lineups to be more than half of its total TV models in 2010.


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