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Roxio CinePlayer to Power MSI 3D-Compatible PCs

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

By : Erik Gruenwedel | Posted: 09 Mar 2010

Sonic Solutions March 9 said its Roxio CinePlayer software would be incorporated into a series of pending third-party PCs designed to deliver 3D movies into the home.

3D movies continue their upward momentum after the record-setting opening domestic box office opening for The Walt Disney Co.’s Alice in Wonderland, with $116 million in ticket sales — driven largely (about $60 million) by the new format.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sonic said Chinese computer manufacturer MSI intends to include the software in a new series of 3D “All-in-One” touchscreen PCs capable of supporting playback of 3D content across multiple video file formats, in addition to 3D movies on Blu-ray Disc and, in the future, 3D titles delivered digitally via Roxio CinemaNow streaming technology.

The Roxio CinePlayer also offers real-time conversion of existing 2D content to 3D, allowing 3D viewing of user’s existing library of standard DVDs and other video content such as personal home movies.

“Our collaboration with Roxio helps MSI deliver a compelling set of capabilities to consumers, including high-impact 3D entertainment, while also providing a platform for future advancements such as digitally delivered premium 3D entertainment,” said Sophia Lin, All-in-One sales director, MSI.

The updated Roxio CinePlayer, unveiled last week at CeBIT confab in Hanover, Germany, is part of Sonic’s goal in 2010 to release products, technologies and services for consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers that will further 3D adoption in the home. This includes leveraging its Roxio CinemaNow movie download service to provide consumers a convenient way to access and enjoy 3D movies from PCs as well as connected HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

“We feel strongly that 2010 will be a pivotal year for home 3D,” said Matt DiMaria, EVP and GM of Roxio. “Roxio CinePlayer represents the first in a series of world-class products and services from Roxio that will help make home 3D a mass market phenomenon.”

Indeed, DreamWorks Animation, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment all have inaugural 3D releases on Blu-ray slated for this year.


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