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Panasonic Unveils 50-Inch 3D Plasma TV

28 Sep, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Panasonic has downsized its 3D solution.

First introduced in the form of a 103-inch plasma HDTV, the electronics giant Sept. 28 unveiled a smaller, 50-inch Full-HD 3D plasma, which includes active shutter glasses that allow for theater-quality 3D at home.

Panasonic will show off the display at the CEATEC show in Japan Oct. 6-10. There is no price yet.

The company is looking to set the standard for 3D in the home, delivering 1080p-quality 3D images to both the left and right eyes, which the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has set forth as a requirement for a 3D Blu-ray standard. The BDA is currently reviewing Panasonic’s 3D Expanded Standard.

Panasonic said in a press release that it believes the prototype represents the most popular size for a 3D screen in the home. The company said it aims to launch its 3D products in America, Europe and Japan in 2010.

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