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NPD: 3DTV Exceeds Theatrical Experience

26 Oct, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel


Consumers watching 3DTV demos in stores found the enhanced high-definition format more visually impressive than in the theater, according to a new report.

The NPD Group, in a survey, found that 20% of consumers reported being “amazed” by the 3D demos in stores, versus only 15% who felt that way about their experience in the theater.

3DTV, along with connected TVs, is expected to get a strong push by consumer electronics retailers this holiday season.

The survey determined that 26% of consumers had experienced 3D entertainment in theaters in the past 12 months followed by retail outlets at 4%.

Those interested in 3DTV are being driven by the cinematic experience, with the vast majority of consumers stating that they intended to purchase a 3DTV when purchasing a larger screen, and that they would buy multiple pairs of 3D glasses. However, consumers remain reluctant to purchase a 3DTV, citing cost, a dearth of 3D content and early stages of the upgraded technology.

The report found that 42% of consumers surveyed were somewhat interested in watching 3D movies at home, but only 11% intend to purchase a 3DTV. More than 50% of those intending to purchase a 3DTV agreed that 3D enhanced the viewing experience, and 42% said 3D represented the future.

Consumers not currently interested in purchasing a 3DTV cited cost, the need to wear glasses and concerns whether all the technical issues have been addressed.

“As we have seen with other technologies that have transitioned from the theater to the home theater, lower prices and more content will help drive adoption of 3D,” said Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis for The NPD Group. “There is clearly an opportunity to build an ecosystem of products that enable this dynamic way to experience content.”


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