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Lab for 3-D Experimentation Launched

9 Sep, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

The University of Southern California’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) is launching a stereoscopic 3-D content lab, hoping to give companies working with glasses-assisted 3-D technology a mutual and neutral place to experiment.

“Given the substantial interest in stereoscopic 3-D in the theater and beyond, we believe there needs to be a neutral and central place for the various interested groups in order to ensure that the content and device development processes are interacting and fully aware of each other,” said David Wertheimer, CEO and executive director of the ETC. “Hollywood needs a physical space to see, test and evaluate high-quality content delivered the way consumers may see it today and into the future. That’s what our Stereoscopic 3-D Content Testing Lab is all about.”

ETC’s studio, hardware and software partners will collaborate on new 3-D technologies in a location and environment where honest feedback from consumers can be garnered. The ETC Stereoscopic 3-D Working Group will focus on issues with getting 3-D conveniently into the home.

“The Entertainment Technology Center provides the ideal forum for experimenting with all the latest technological innovations and devices so that we can ultimately give the consumer what they want,” said Walt Disney Studios CTO Arthur Hair. “We’re very excited to be working with other studios, the consumer electronics industry and the proven leaders at ETC in taking the stereoscopic 3-D home experience to the next level.”

Chuck Dages, EVP of emerging technologies for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and chairman of the ETC, added, “[The lab] will provide us with a permanent, Los Angeles-based facility where we can bring our yet-to-be-released content to view it using existing and emerging stereoscopic 3-D displays, formats and technologies.”

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