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Consumer Reports: Plasma 3DTVs Better Than LCD

1 Nov, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

Of all the 3DTVs available to consumers, Panasonic’s plasma sets are No. 1, according to a study by Consumer Reports.

With the least amount of ghosting and the best picture quality, three models from Panasonic beat out 3DTVs from Sony, LG and Samsung, according to the magazine, which used 3D sports broadcasts and 3D Blu-ray Discs for comparison.

“It remains to be seen whether 3DTV is just a novelty or a new product category in the consumer electronics space,” said Paul Reynolds, electronics editor for Consumer Reports. “But, our tests show that there are some fine 3DTV sets out there for those consumers eager for a new experience.”

Sony’s LCD 3DTVs were the closest models to match the quality of the plasma sets, the magazine reported, but on all LCD 3DTVs, “ghosting, which was significant in a wide variety of content, was distracting when apparent,” according to the report. Ghosting, also known as crosstalk, is when double of the same image is seen on the screen.

Consumer Reports’ 3DTV report also suggests consumers try on 3D glasses in stores, before deciding on a set, and noted little in the way of 3D content is available on Blu-ray and via broadcast.

The 3DTV report will be available in the Nov. 2 Annual Consumer Reports Electronics issue and will also be available online at consumerreports.org.

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