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3D@Home Consortium Takes Off

10 Sep, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

The 3D@Home Consortium is saying its first meeting, held Aug. 14, was a success.

“The industry has rapidly and enthusiastically coalesced around the 3D@Home concept and established a structure for cooperation,” said Mark Hartney, the consortium’s managing director. “A participation agreement is now in place that allows companies to join the 3D@ Home Consortium and to begin contributing their ideas and creative energy on issues related to content, storage and marketing. We have also begun interacting with standards bodies that look to us as the voice of the 3-D business community.”

Meeting quarterly, the consortium’s members include Philips, Samsung, Sony, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and more than a dozen other hardware, software and content companies.

The consortiums next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 2 in Los Angeles. For more information visit www.3Dathome.org.

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